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In June of 1954, four gentlemen gathered at the Stuft Shirt Restaurant at 1000 East Green Street in Pasadena to discuss the organization of the "Wine & Food Society of Pasadena". In that a minimum of ten members was required to apply for a charter from the London-based Wine and Food Society, six additional gentlemen were recruited to become charter members.

Those ten founders included:
-  Mr. James D. Reynolds, Chairman
-  Dr. Ellis W. Jones, Vice Chairman
-  Mr. Harrison Chandler, Treasurer
-  Mr. Robert W. Cheesewright
-  Mr. Thomas E. Gibbon
-  Mr. Morris W. Mothershead
-  Mr. Sheldon Riley
-  Mr. William B. Stringfellow, Jr*
-  Mr. Emerson Spear
*Mr. Stringfellow resigned and was replaced by Mr. Robert Schlaudeman in July of 1954.

The minutes from that first meeting listed particular objectives of the new Society, specifically
 "Good fellowship"
 "Appreciation for good food and wine"
 "Historical interest in gastronomy"
 "Desire to try all types of cuisine and cellar"
 "A series of dinners throughout the year incorporating the above"

Two months later, a second organizational meeting was held at the Stuft Shirt Restaurant. Each charter member was requested to invite a few good friends who enjoyed food, wine, and camaraderie to join the new Society. It was determined that there would be four annual dinners, a logo was designed , and annual dues of $50 per member were assessed. ($10 was allotted to each dinner, to include both food and wine). The minutes of the second meeting were closed by Mr. Goss, stating "the meeting was adjourned in a gentlemanly fashion, sans stagger." The first full membership dinner of the Wine and Food Society of Pasadena was held at The Piccadilly Restaurant in Pasadena on 9 November 1954. It was titled "An Italian Dinner accompanied by Inglenook Wines". Now, as we move along in the 21st century, the Pasadena Wine & Food Society anticipates many more opportunities for the best in wine, food and fellowship.
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